Coffee to Cure

EB kids live every day in pain, could you give up one day’s coffee to cure EB?

Medical research is expensive, and making a small donation can feel like a drop in the ocean. However, when we get together, we can do great things!

For the cost of one takeaway cup of coffee or tea, you could help fund the research that will cure EB. Just text CUREEB to 70560 to give £3.

Around 20 million people visit coffee shops each week to buy a drink. If just 10% of those people donated the cost of a coffee, that would raise £6 million for research into a cure for EB.

So please donate now – and tell your friends!

Texts will cost the donation amount plus one standard network rate message. Please don’t forget to ask the bill payer’s permission first. Text giving is only possible on UK-registered mobile phones. Please visit our donate page to give online. 

Text CUREEB to 70560 to donate £3

Could sacrificing your daily coffee really help to cure EB?

  • A single coffee could purchase needles and syringes for testing
  • A coffee a month could fund an hour and a half of research time
  • A cup a day for three months could fund a Human MSC Identification Kit, vital equipment for stem cell research
  • The cost of your daily cuppa for a year could fund a day’s hospital stay for a patient on an EB skin graft trial

But I don’t drink coffee!

Fear not, you can still text CUREEB to 70560 to give £3 whether your favourite tipple is tea, coffee, wine, beer, milkshake, carrot juice, whatever!

Or use our EB Cafe to give any amount, across any drink. Text EBCAFE to 70560 followed by your donation amount (maximum £20). Select from our menu below, or choose your own…

Text EBCAFE followed by your donation amount to 70560 eg Text EBCAFE 10 to give £10

Tea? Text EBCAFE 2 to 70560 to give £2

Juice? Text EBCAFE 5 to 70560 to give £5

Smoothie? Text EBCAFE 7 to 70560 to give £7

Bucks Fizz? Text EBCAFE 12 to 70560 to give £12

Bottomless Brunch? Text EBCAFE 20 to 70560 to give £20

Together, we can Cure EB!

I donated a coffee to Cure EB

Share, share, share!

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