Join in and play to make the blisters stop!

EBpop is a fun challenge you can take on to raise awareness of EB, and vital funds for EB research.

People with EB often experience painful blisters, which need daily popping and treating.

Share a video of you popping water balloons, bubbles or sponge bombs (perhaps as a target of another’s keen throwing!) to social media with a message, something like ‘I’m doing EBpop for Cure EB to make the blisters stop’ works really well.

Or why not play in a group, or run at your school? The event is a fun way to teach pupils about difference as well as an easy fundraiser helping children in pain.

Find out more in the videos and flyers below.

Flyer of information about Cure EB's EBpop challenge

Put aside an hour to have fun and take part in #EBpop to help find a cure and show support for some of the bravest children in Britain.

Poppy's mum, Kate

Damian Lewis playing EBpop

Sohana and family playing EBpop

Making waterbombs

Funding Freedom

The Collins Family play EBpop

EBpop Zorbing