Fundraising Priorities

We are an ambitious organisation with an ambitious mission: to cure EB. To achieve this, our current fundraising priorities are funding these high-impact projects:

  • Gene therapy and gene editing projects for RDEB
  • MSC treatment for children with RDEB
  • Gene editing limbal stem cells for RDEB
  • Generating gene modified skin grafts and funding a clinical trial to test this treatment
  • RNA projects
  • Research projects into treatment options for RDEB squamous cell carcinoma, a malignant skin cancer which often affects patients with a severe form of EB
  • Gene modification and gene editing projects for a type of EB called Junctional EB
  • Dedicated facilities for gene editing, gene modification and EB gene and cell therapy treatment suite
  • Lectureships in Dermatology, PhD studentships and Clinical Research fellowships

For further information, please see our Research pages.

Gabrielius on his dad's shoulder